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About Our Company

Aeronautica Windpower is a sales, marketing, manufacturing, and O&M service company that builds and markets commercial and industrial (500 - 3,000 Kw) wind turbines for wind farms as well as behind-the-meter and net-metered applications.

Aeronautica Windpower was incorporated in 2008 as a turbine refurbishment organization. In 2010, the organization acquired an exclusive license to manufacture and sell the Norwin A/S 225 and 750 kW turbines in the United States and Canada with the ability to sell globally with permission from our licensor. We have continued to invest in our technology by developing the techology to improve the production performance on both models of our turbines. The result provides for shorter shipping times and costs in North America with higher production results for American-manufactured turbines, combined with a Danish turbine design that has been proven around the world since the 1980's. In addition, being an American made product, we are one of the very companies in this sized turbine that qualify for ARRA project requirements as well as EXIM and OPIC financing/insurance guarantees. Please contact us for details on any of these program specifics.

Our 'Queen-Size' machines are larger and much more cost effective than residential-scale turbines, but smaller than the multi-megawatt 'King-Size' turbines used in large, expansive wind farms. They are the perfect size for supplying clean electricity to Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP), municipalities, schools, farms, ranches, industrial parks, commercial complexes and small neighborhoods, or smaller wind 'parks' of between 2 and 20 Megawatts in size, especially on island or microgrid settings.


For wind farm operators, we are pleased to announce our new licensing arrangement with Wind-to-Energy of Rostok, Germany, to build their 2 and 3 MW size machines here in America for the North American and other markets.  The W2E machines offer superior performance in all wind classes and utilize many components from Siemens and other well known component manufacturers.

We sell to both end users as well as developers and contractors in the wind energy industry. Through our network of developers, dealers and distributors, we can assist with a full range of engineering, feasibility and support services in order to provide turnkey projects where needed. If you have the land and the wind, we are able to provide some or all of the remaining supply components you need for your project.

Our R&D efforts in power train and blade technologies are at the cutting edge of wind power technology, helping to insure our long term growth in this exploding market.

The key personnel in the management structure of Aeronautica come from various backgrounds, have a mariad of experience in various fields, and compliment each other well to form a well versed, knowledgeable team driven by quality, honesty, and integrity.

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