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AW 500kW Wind Turbine - 47m rotor 

Need a turbine to maximize a FIT program in your country?

In an age of King-sized wind turbines designed for wide open spaces or off shore, Aeronautica Windpower is proud to introduce a 500 kW turbine specifically aimed at countries or local governments favoring distributed generated wind power incentivized to be capped at a specific nameplate level for maximum Returns On Investment (ROI). The AW 500 is perfect turbine for your application. 

Aeronautica takes great pride in manufacturing a quality product that is designed to last the test of time. In addition, being American made, Aeronautica is able to provide financing options to aid your projects construction/manufacturing costs, financing guarantees and insurance products backed by the US government. 

Aeronautica 750kW wind turbines are built according to strict IEC 61400 guidelines in our ISO 9001 rated factory to insure the highest degree of quality for a long service life. The Internet-ready SCADA system provides remote access and viewing from remote locations. Our time-tested gearbox isolation system absorbs shocks with ease, adding to long term durability. These turbines are ultra-quiet and highly transportable to reach areas otherwise inaccessible to larger machines. 

With its low profile, ultra-low noise signature, and highly efficient output, our 500's provide the perfect balance between economic output and acceptable size. Backed by our licensor, Norwin A/S, Aeronautica is poised to help your project reach its maximum potential.

AW 500kW Power Curve

AW 500kW Annual Power Output

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AW 47-500kW Specifications


3 blades, upwind orientation

Fiberglass reinforced polyester


Power regulation: Active Stall Regulation (ASR)

Rotor size: 47m diameter (154')

Rotor speed: 25.3 rpm nominal

nominal Swept area: 1735 m2 (9,197 ft2)

Tilt angle: 4o

Coning angle: 3o Forward

Blades length: 21.0 m

Tip speed: 62-63 m/s (139-141 mph) at full load

Pitch angle: ASR

Pitch bearings: Slew ring (4-point ball bearings)

Air brake, normal: Pitch to -20o, actuated by the ASR System

Air brake, emergency: Pitch to -85o fail safe, activated by accumulators in the hub

Nominal Pitch Speed: 7.5o /sec

Mechanical brake: A fail-safe type disk brake

Brake torque: 1.8 times of nominal torque (approx.)

RPM max. value: 1600 (50Hz) / 1920 (60 Hz), on high-speed shaft


Nominal Electric Power: 200/500kW (dual wound)

Generator: Closed, asynchronous induction, 4/6 pole DW, IP54 or 55

Generator speed: 1000/1500 (50 Hz) / 1200/1800 (60 Hz) rpm at sync. speed

Loss in generator: Approx. 3% at full load

Generator cut-in: Thyristor controlled gradual cut-in

Grid connection: 690V

Connection Relay: SEL 547 Protective Relay (standard)


Yaw motors: 4 pcs. w/electrical brakes built in

Yaw brakes: 4 pcs. disc hydraulic brakes

Yaw bearing: Slew ring (4-point ball bearings)

Cut-in wind speed: 3m/s (6.7 mph), based on 10 min average

Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s (56 mph), based on 2 min average

Survival Speed: 70 m/s (157 mph), (based on 50 year extreme)

Controller: Mita-Teknik

Op. Temp. Range: -30oC to +55oC (Very Low and Very High Temp options available)

Noise: 100 dBA Sound Power (at Nacelle)

Monopole Tower

Conical Steel, White: 50, 55, and 65m hub heights

Nacelle Access: Interior tower ladder through locked door

Surface Treatment: In accordance with ISO 12944

Laser inspected flanges, ultrasonic inspection of raw materials/welds

SCADA System

local and remote surveillance and operation

Safety Features

Induction generator has inherent anti-islanding

Fail-safe hydraulic disk brake

Grid monitoring for shutdown and operational performance

Fall protection ladder system

Lightning protection

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