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Green Communities in Massachusetts

We are pleased to assist the new 'Green Communities' in our home state of Massachusetts. Our turbines are perfectly suited for municipal power production, schools, hospitals or other town/city facilities. And buying a Massachusetts wind turbine means that you are contributing to the local economy and creating jobs right here at home.

We are familiar with many of the new Green Community requirements, grant opportunities and new net-metering provisions of the 2008 Energy Bill - legislation that we believe should serve as a model for other states.

Members of our management team have already provided services to many Massachusetts towns and counties, including an extensive wind site analysis for Plymouth County and participation in the creation of 'Plymouth 2020', a plan to have virtually all of that town's municipal electrical requirements met by green power in time for the town's 400th anniversary. 

Green Community Managers or Chairpersons are invited to call our toll free number and ask to speak with our Marketing Director, Brian Kuhn.

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