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O&M Equipment Service

Aeronautica Windpower's O&M Service Division understands wind turbines, their integral components, and that machines need to be serviced with diligence and regularity for continued performance at peak levels to provide optimal ROI for investors. We realize that down time for any turbine equates to lost revenue, which is why we maintain 24/7 turbine monitoring services, as well as routine and emergency maintenance services, to maximize uptime of your wind turbines. Our service team ensures the long term viability and performance of our customers, wind turbine investments. Our services include:

  • Project Administration

  • Turbine Monitoring and Operation

  • Full-Service Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance

  • Emergency Maintenance

  • Equipment Inspection/Verification

  • Spare Parts Procurement

  • Component Replacement/Upgrades

We develop a maintenance plan specifically for your turbine type, location, and owner preference, utilizing the manufacturer's recommendations and the service history of the machine. These custom tailored plans meet customer's goals and performance desires and is key to the success of our customer service driven division.

Our service team provides a unique mix of experience in wind, electrical and mechanical mechanisms, coupled with a motivated, trouble-shooting mentality and drive to maintain the highest safety standards while performing turbine maintenance. Our service team also works closely with our in-house engineers and manufacturers engineers to quickly and accurately identify and resolve the root cause of an issue. The end result when using Aeronautica Windpower is worry free O&M servicing with through the life of the turbine.

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