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Brian Kuhn - CEO, Co-Founder

Mr. Kuhn's responsibilities at Aeronautica currently include all new business and product development efforts.  He works with various Wind Working Groups around the country to promote Community Wind projects and is instrumental in providing technical expertise to dealers, customers and affiliates of AW.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Renewable Energy Systems and Business, from the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, MA (1977). This special (BDIC) degree was a 4 year mix of Mechanical Engineering and Business studies. During his time at UMass he studied under Professor William Heronemus, a noted naval architect and world renowned primary investigator for off-shore wind systems. He was a member of a small team of engineers that designed and built the first UMass Solar Habitat and Wind Furnace for the Department of Energy. This wind turbine introduced many innovations, including the use of a 3 bladed, variable pitch rotor and the use of a monopole tower, features that are now standard in today's modern wind turbine designs. The Wind Furnaceturbine is currently heading to a new home at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.  The wind turbine and solar habitat later went on to become the highly respected Renewable Energy Research Laboratory at UMass.

Mr. Kuhn offers the perspective of over 30 years of product and service development in the fields of Energy, Real Estate and general marketing. He currently teaches Wind Power and Solar Energy courses at Cape Cod Community College in Barnstable, MA.  He has had several articles published about solar and wind power. He is a member of the National Association of Home Builders and theNortheast Sustainable Energy Association. He is also a past member of the National Association of Realtors, and is licensed as a real estate broker involved in land procurement and development projects across the Northeast, previously licensed as a professional broker in 8 states. 

In his hometown of Plymouth, MA, Mr. Kuhn has served as Chairman for the Plymouth Energy Committee (PEC), a volunteer advisory group which reports to the Board of Selectmen.  He is the principal author of Plymouth 2020, a plan which calls for virtually all of Plymouth's Municipal electricity to be produced by renewable sources in time for the town's 400th anniversary.

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