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High Quality Manufacturing

Aeronautica Windpower has made a strategic decision to maximize our quality and effectiveness through contract manufacturing arrangements.  By doing so we can control Quality Assurance while giving our customers the highest level of confidence in manufacturing through top-notch facilities, tools, people, and quality processes (ISO 9001 and ISO 14000).

We manufacture our turbine nacelles (the main part of the machine that sits on the tower) here in New England.  This component contains the main shaft and drivetrain, yaw assembly, hub components and the computer controller.  Our blades and towers are made in several international facilities and then drop-shipped to your project site.

All manufacturing partners possess a high degree of expertise in the manufacture of equipment which operates at high revolutions per second and both require high tolerances in this revolving activity. Precision is key along with attention to detail. Our nacelle facility is located within an hours drive of our corporate headquarter facility in Plymouth, MA.

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