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Municipal Applications

If you are looking for wind turbines to fit on many public properties or for 'Community Wind' projects, look no further than the Aeronautica/Norwin line. Designed specifically for mid-scale market applications or small wind parks, these machines deliver lots of power. And with their low profile, ultra-low noise signatures and highly efficient output, they provide the perfect balance between economic output and acceptable size. These turbines are perfect for many types of organizations, including schools, town halls, hospitals and other municipal buildings.

Does your town have a Waste Water Treatment Plant?  These account for some of the highest electrical costs for a town, and can easily be powered by wind turbines. If you are a town administrator, consider Aeronautica Wind Turbines to create your own ‘Power Authorities’ for municipal uses. Many new net-metering rules allow you to generate power on one site, and credit the power to meters at other town-owned locations.


If you have the land but don’t have the funding, you’ll appreciate that these machines may qualify for ourAeronautica Power Play© program. This program lets you - the town or city - obtain the benefits of sustainable wind generated power, without the investment required. If your site qualifies for our program, your organization receives an immediate reduction in electrical costs, and your electricity prices are fixed for many years into the future. You save money, your budgeting just got easier and more predictable, and the world gets greener. Everyone wins.

But whether you finance your own turbine project through bonding, or use the Aeronautica Power Play©program, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your organization is now contributing to the greening of America and the strengthening our local and national economies by lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

Community Winds

'Community Wind' is a term that people use in many ways.  To us it simply refers to projects that are designed to provide a benefit for the local public community, rather than a privately developed project. 

Our mid-scale turbines are a perfect match for many Community Wind applications. Whether it's a high school or a grade school, one town office or the entire town's electrical load, Aeronautica is stongly committed to helping Community Wind projects succeed.  And that's not altruism - the community project of today teaches other community members how the wind can be put to use on their property.

So we have a real business reason for helping. You will find that we are happy to work with Energy Committees, Town Managers, Energy Consultants and others in your organization to bring your project to fruition.

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