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Energy for Growers

If you truly desire to 'harvest the wind', our new 225 and 750kW turbines are a perfect choice for most net-metering or small wind farm applications.  Many farmers and growers are discovering how wind power can be a valuable second 'cash crop' - without disrupting your existing operations. 

Aeronautica Windpower and its network of national dealers, installers and service technicians can provide your agricultural operation with just the commercial sized equipment it needs to harvest the wind.  Ownership structures range from outright ownership of the entire project to bringing in a developer/operator who pays you a land lease.  We can help create just the type of ownership structure you desire or can afford.

We are members of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association, and you may recognize the names of many of our local dealers as they begin to handle wind energy products.

Neighborhood Net Metering

One of the most exciting new applications of wind power occurs in areas where there is a provision to allow neighbors to band together and share electricity generated from the wind. Excess generation from one land parcel is allowed to be shared within a collective 'group' at retail rates, which greatly improves wind power economics. These so called 'Neighborhood Net-Metering’ regulations will revolutionize the use of open lands, allowing farmers and growers of all types to join with their neighbors in producing home grown, green electricity.

By using ‘mid-scale’ wind turbines that are large enough to be economical - yet not too large to be offensive, farms, nurseries, ranches, cranberry bogs and many other agricultural land owners will now be able to harvest a second crop - electricity - and economically feed it to hundreds of friends and neighbors. 

The best part is that your existing operation doesn’t have to change at all. Our wind turbines use very little actual land area, allowing you to continue to provide the other much needed local agricultural products your customers rely on you for. Massachusetts has taken the lead in providing Neighborhood Net-Metering, but many other states are begining to follow.

We at Aeronautica Windpower are proud to be a part of this new wave of creating North American Energy and reducing our reliance on foreign oil. Our wind turbines are built right here in Massachusetts, contributing to the national economy with jobs and services. Along with our national network of qualified local dealers and installers we can provide all of the required expertise, tools, financing and collateral services required - allow you to spend your time on the farm, doing what you do best.

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