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Specifying Engineers and Designers: 
Please email us for a complete bid/specification package.

Worlwide Installations of the Norwin A/S Turbine

Norwin Pedigree

Product Specifications

AW 47-500kW Specifications
AW 47-750kW Specifications
AW 54-750kW Specifications
AW 47-500kW Product Specification Brochure
AW 47/54-750kW Product Specification Brochure

500kW/750kW Turbines

Noise Emissions Data
Lightning Protection Data
Alert and Monitoring Data
Foundation Basic Data
47-500/750 IB 50m Tower Foundation Loads
47-500/750 IB 65m Tower Foundation Loads
47-500/750 IIA 65m Tower Foundation Loads
54-750 65m Tower Foundation Loads
50m Tower Drawings
55m Tower Drawings
65m Tower Drawings
54-750 Approximate Dimensions and Weights
47-750 65m Tower Dim and Weights
Nacelle Transport Drawings
750kW 'One-Line' Electrical Diagram
What is 'Active Stall Regulation'?



Need Wind Facts?
Wind Myths vs. Truths - A library of Powerpoint slides that point out the myths from the reality.  Presented with citations for all statements. Feel free to use at Planning Boards, etc.  

For more information, such as erection or other manuals, please email us or call us directly. Some information requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed.

Converting Sound Power at Nacelle to Sound Pressure at a Distance

Press and Market Application Flyers
It's official - Aeronautica Turbines are Made in USA - Certified!

Photos and Video
750's in a field
Acrhbold HS Nacelle
Truck carrying 21m blade for the 47-750kW
Overseas shipping container for the 21m blade for the AW 47-750
Truck carrying 26m blade for the AW 54-750
47-750 in Germany
AW 750 Hub being delivered
Kenston HS #1
Kenston HS #2
Kenston HS #3
Kenston HS #4
Kenston HS #5
Kenston HS #6
Aeriel view of Kenston erection
View of the football field from the nacelle
View of the turbine next to the football field
Kenston HS turbine during football game
Pettisville HS turbine over flowers
Kenston HS nacelle
Methil, Scotland 750 #1
Methil, Scotland 750 #2
Methil, Scotland 750 #3
Nacelle shipping from our facility in NH
Pettisville nacelle
Testa Produce in Chicago
Testa Produce #2

Testa Produce nacelle
Testa tower signage
Tower truck delivery #1
Tower truck delivery #2
Tower truck delivery #3

Factory pictures during assembly

Other Links
American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
RET Screen

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