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Wind Appraisals

A wind appraisal is the first, low cost step in assessing the value of your property for a potential wind generator. Our appraisals have been developed to provide a fast quantitative review of the site, in order to allow the owner to take further steps, such as an Engineering study or Permitting.

Appraisals will use published wind maps to estimate the wind potential of the site in order to:

•Quantify potential savings or energy production on specific properties
• Determine or justify further development
• Compare the production of different size turbines that best suit your property
• See simple paybacks and ROI
• Spotlight ‘fatal flaws’ early.

Appraisals can be done by many of our qualified Aeronautica Affiliates, such as Associated Wind Developers (AWD), and usually take about 10 days to produce.  You can see a sample appraisal.

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